Pulmatix Pty Ltd partnered with Paradigm BioPharma, a company focused on repurposing pentosan polysulphate sodium (PPS) for new orthopaedic and respiratory applications. Pulmatix provided expert testing and consultancy services to Paradigm during their pre-clinical development phase and helped them establish a design space for their RHINOSUL nasal spray for allergic rhinitis. Paradigm is now commencing clinical trials to establish safety and tolerability before determining efficacy in an AR phase 2 study.


Pulmatix Pty Ltd partnered with De Motu Cordis, a start-up pharmaceutical company dedicated to providing advanced drug delivery solutions for critical care and cardiac arrest patients. Pulmatix supplied consultation and formulation services, including an optimised formulation, analytical method development, physico-chemical properties services and extensive characterisation in their novel device, which De Motu Cordis will be taking through to clinical trials.


Pulmatix Pty Ltd conducted contract testing services for AFT during the development phase of their next generation nebuliser. By evaluating the impact of numerous device variables on performance, AFT was able to identify the product's design space and transition to a final production prototype. The device is now in clinical trials.

ENT Technologies PTY LTD

ENT Technologies is committed to the latest advancements and technologies in developing effective formulations and easy delivery systems for managing a wide range of common nasal and sinus problems. Pulmatix Pty Ltd has developed methodology and conducted numerous product testing protocols for ENT nasal products, including delivered dose, aerosol analysis, stability and package testing services.