Pulmatix Pty Ltd was founded in 2013 to offer the pharmaceutical sector specialist testing and consultancy services. Our team have over 20 years experience in formulation, device and package testing. We can provide services for both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical products and have specific expertise in aerosol-based products


Pulmatix Pty Ltd is based at its headquarters  in Glebe Sydney. Our laboratories are purpose built for device, formulation and package testing. We have numerous testing facilities including stability, analytical, aerosol testing and PC2 pre-clinical evaluation labs for new APIs or biosimilars. Click here for a more comprehensive list of facilities.



Paul M Young is an expert in the area of Respiratory Technology. He has over 20 years experience in the area of inhalation drug delivery in both industry and academic sectors. Previously, Dr Young worked at CDFS and Vectura Ltd and was a founding member of Nanopharm Ltd in the UK. He has worked as a private consultant for a multitude of both small and large Pharma resolving formulation and drug development issues. Dr Young is a Director of Pulmatix Pty Ltd and holds appointments as Head of Respiratory Technology at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research and as a Professor in the School of Medicine at Sydney University.

Daniela Traini is expert in aerosol science and drug delivery to the lung. Her skill combines a background in advanced physico-chemical characterisation with a firm knowledge of formulation science and inhalation drug delivery. Dr Traini's major contributions are in the design and evaluation of optimal aerosol drug delivery systems, with a focus on surface science and material properties. As an industrial senior scientist, she applied her knowledge to develop inhalation-based drug systems, at CDFS and Vectura LTD (UK).  Currently, Dr Traini is a Director of Pulmatix Pty Ltd, and heads up the Respiratory Technology team at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research She holds appointments and as an  Professor at the School of Medicine at Sydney University.